202 Centre Street, New York, NY

On October 18, 2018, the American China Hotel Association (ACHA) held its second annual gala at in New York City. The 2018 Annual Gala of the American China Hotel Association was held at the Jin Fong Restaurant, where over 600 members, government officials, trade partners, and friends gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the association. John Lam, Chairman of ACHA, spoke of how the association played an intrigue role in promoting healthy development environment and numerous benefits, the association assisted its members. In 2018, ACHA help its members saved millions of dollars in local property taxes, provided training for people interested in working in hospitality and created many employment opportunities for the Chinese community. ACHA through its vast members and hotels has been a huge contributor to New York by providing jobs and generating huge sums of tax revenue to state and local government. Various state legislators and city council persons gave awards to ACHA for their contribution to the hotel industry in New York. John Lam was honored with the President’s Award for Lifetime Achievement In recognition of his dedication and hard work.


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